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Vinyl flooring in living room with couch, chair, and coffee table

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Hamilton Township, NJ

When it comes to flooring, luxury vinyl has undergone a remarkable transformation. This flooring type has evolved into a robust and stylish solution that can convincingly mimic the look of natural wood, tile, or stone. So if you’re searching for luxury vinyl flooring near you in Hamilton Township, NJ, we can help! At Rich's Carpet One Floor & Home we're dedicated to simplifying your vinyl flooring shopping experience. Plus, we offer a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring options and professional installation services to Mercer County and beyond.


Are you considering vinyl flooring for your interior space? Keep reading to learn more about our luxury vinyl flooring, the benefits of vinyl plank, and where to install your vinyl floors.


The Different Types of Vinyl Flooring at Rich’s Carpet One

Luxury vinyl comes in various forms, each catering to different needs and design tastes:


Luxury Vinyl Plank 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

The Benefits of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Most vinyl flooring is water-resistant, and some options are entirely waterproof. 


Benefits of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

The Different Areas to Install Vinyl in Your NJ Home

The durable and waterproof design of vinyl makes it suitable for virtually any room in your home. And with easy installation methods, including interlocking options, vinyl is a quick and easy solution for many spaces, including:


5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Luxury Vinyl for Your Space

Here are some essential steps to help you make an informed decision when selecting luxury vinyl flooring:


Popular Styles of Vinyl Flooring at Rich’s Carpet One

Whether you're transforming your entire home or updating a single room, luxury vinyl flooring offers a wide array of options to suit your style and functional needs. Some trending vinyl flooring styles include:


FAQs About Vinyl Flooring

Q: Is vinyl flooring suitable for high-traffic areas?

A: Yes, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear.


Q: Can vinyl flooring be installed in bathrooms and kitchens?

A: Absolutely! Many vinyl flooring options are waterproof or water-resistant, making them ideal for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. 


Q: How do I clean and maintain vinyl flooring?

A: Vinyl flooring is low-maintenance: 

Q: Is vinyl flooring suitable for homes with pets?

A: Yes, vinyl flooring is pet-friendly. It resists scratches from pet claws and is easy to clean in case of accidents.


Q: Can vinyl flooring be installed over existing floors?

A: Many vinyl flooring products are suitable for installation over existing floors, provided the current surface is clean, level, and in good condition. Always follow the manufacturer's installation guidelines for the specific vinyl product you choose.


Q: How long does vinyl flooring typically last?

A: Vinyl flooring can last many years, depending on factors such as quality, maintenance, and wear and tear. 


Q: Can vinyl flooring be repaired if damaged?

A: Yes, vinyl flooring is repairable. 

Shop Luxury Vinyl Near You at Rich’s Carpet One

Explore the world of luxury vinyl flooring at Rich's Carpet One Floor & Home in Hamilton Township, NJ, and discover the perfect flooring solution for your space. Your home or business deserves the best, and luxury vinyl delivers the winning combination of style, durability, and easy maintenance. Visit our showroom to view our current selection of vinyl flooring today!

The Benefits of Waterproof Vinyl

If you've got a busy household, vinyl flooring is the perfect solution! Learn more in our Waterproof Vinyl Guide.
Stone look vinyl flooring in bathroom with bathtub and sink

Get the Look of Hardwoods for Your Kitchen

If you're dreaming of natural hardwood floors for your kitchen or bath, our vinyl plank is the perfect solution.
Wood look vinyl flooring in kitchen with wooden table and stools
Kitchen with wooden table and chairs, vinyl flooring

View our Selection of Vinyl Flooring

Start browsing our current selection of vinyl flooring, including our waterproof vinyl plank and pet-friendly floors.


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