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karastan carpet

Karastan Carpet

Karastan Carpet


Rich’s Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be your local Karastan carpet dealer. As one of the leading carpet retailers in the world, Karastan has made a name for itself as a quality brand that produces gorgeous carpets and rugs. Karastan was founded in the U.S. and is still based in Eden, North Carolina. Many of its products are made right here at home, so if you’re interested in buying a U.S.A.-made carpet or rug, stop by our location in Hamilton Township, NJ, to browse our large Karastan collection today. 


Karastan’s rich history began in 1928 when its first rug came off the loom. The loom was designed to create a machine-made, domestic-version of the handmade Oriental and Persian-style rugs that are still popular today. The rug was not only made in the U.S.A. but also more cost-effective and extraordinarily durable. 


The company proved this point in 1933 when it brought one of its rugs to the World’s Fair in Chicago and allowed millions of people to walk on it. After enduring spills from drinks, food, and heavy foot traffic, half of the rug was cleaned back to its original state. The results stunned the public, and it became known as the original “Wonder Rug.” The rug still exists today and is occasionally put on display at various public showrooms and events.


Karastan’s original mission was to prove that the beauty of a handmade rug could be replicated by a machine, and they did it. Now their focus is creating gorgeous floors and rugs that have a reputation for luxury at a great price. Rich’s is your local source for Karastan, and we’re proud to stand behind a brand that’s revolutionized the industry and offers quality products to this day. 



Durability and Craftsmanship


Karastan’s carpets and rugs are considered some of the most durable on the market due to their excellent craftsmanship. They’re created using high-quality material, and unlike most carpets in the industry, they’re not tufted. It’s generally faster and cheaper to create tufted carpets, in which the yarn is punched through a pre-made backing and secured with an adhesive. Similar to handmade rugs, Karastan’s carpets are woven instead, with the fibers interlaced behind the backing to create a much stronger and longer-lasting product. 



Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, and Safe


Karastan has a commitment to creating eco-friendly carpets and rugs that have a minimal impact on the environment and are safe to use. Its materials are sustainably sourced and tested for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemicals that are known to be toxic to people and pets. Karastan also works to eliminate waste and streamlines its manufacturing process to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Additionally, Karastan’s woven carpets and rugs last twice as long as tufted products, making them more sustainable in the long-run. 



Style and Versatility 


Part of Karastan’s appeal is its large variety of gorgeous carpets that include both classically beautiful designs and new trending styles. Its products are inspired by textures, patterns, and fashions from around the world. Modern homes or offices can benefit from the sophisticated style of the Avalon Park collection, for instance, while allergy sufferers can find comfort in Karastan wool rugs and carpets. 


Active families with children and pets can find ease in a carpet with permanent soil and stain protection through SmartStrand Forever Clean. Those looking for an eco-friendly product can check out the EverStrand collection, which is made from 100% recycled bottles to create a high-grade polyester that’s naturally stain-resistant, durable, and soft.  At Rich’s Carpet One, you’re sure to find the perfect Karastan product for your home or place of business. Stop by and ask one of our experts for their recommendation!


karastan carpet

Karastan has a long history of creating stylish, high-quality

carpets and rugs that last significantly longer than many

other products on the market. Rich’s Carpet One Floor & Home

is your local source for flooring and we carry a

wide selection of Karastan. 


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