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greige carpet in midcentury living room

Carpet in Hamilton Township, NJ

With thousands of carpet options available, finding the perfect match has never been easier. Experience the softness and comfort of carpets like never before. At Rich’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Hamilton Township, NJ, we take pride in offering a wide range of carpet solutions for both residential and commercial interiors.

Whether you have a serene home or a bustling office, our carpet experts are here to help guide you in choosing the best carpet type for your needs. Discover the benefits of different carpet fibers, stain-resistant technology, and more as we unveil the wonders of modern carpets. You'l love our custom area rugs or carpet stair runners, too! 

Best Carpet Types for Every Space

Choosing the right carpet type is essential to ensure your flooring needs meet your lifestyle requirements.

At Rich’s Carpet One, we offer a variety of carpet piles made from synthetic and natural fibers. Each carpet type has its own advantages and challenges:


  • Nylon: Soft, stylish, sturdy nylon comes in many colors and patterns. It’s perfect for hectic rooms, but needs to be pre-treated to resist most stains.
  • Wool:  Naturally-sourced wool is warm, insulating, and colorful. Wool carpets last a long time and are resistant to odors, moisture, and mold.  
  • Polyester: Similar to nylon, polyester carpet is affordable but not inferior. This soft, sturdy rug is a lot more durable than it once was, thanks to modern innovation.  
  • Olefin: Made to perform, olefin carpet is usually woven Berber style and can be installed in hectic spaces, like hallways and stairs.
  • Triexta: This heavy-duty synthetic rug is a commercial favorite. It’s easy to clean and resists stubborn stains.

In addition to pile types, carpet is woven in a variety of different styles.

  • Cut Pile is composed of trimmed fibers of varying lengths. It has a dense, soft surface.
  • Loop Pile retains its uncut loops, for surface that’s smooth and crush-resistant.
  • Level Loop is a type loop pile with uniform fibers for the smoothest surface. Extremely durable, level loop carpet is a commercial favorite.


Choose carefully. For instance, nylon carpet is durable enough for high-traffic homes, or anywhere pets and kids like to play. On the other hand, a luxurious wool carpet is great if you want a cozy, elegant feel in your living room or bedroom.


Best Commercial Carpet

Commercial-grade carpet is made to withstand it all!

Compatible with heavy wear, commercial carpet holds its own against stains and moisture. It’s ideal for bustling offices and busy hotel lobbies. Commercial carpet has a dense construction that’s less likely to fade from sun exposure or reveal footprints. It’s simple maintenance needs make for an effortless upkeep.


Stain-Resistant Carpet for Hassle-Free Living

Say adios to stubborn stains with our stain-resistant carpet collection.

Our latest carpet technologies ensure that each strand is individually coated, preventing spills from sinking in. Even notorious stain-causers like red wine or chocolate won’t stand a chance with stain-resistant carpet.

Clean-ups are a dream: simply blot away spills using fresh water and a clean towel. It’s that easy. With hundreds of stain-resistant carpet options available, you can achieve the look you love without compromising on practicality.


Where Can I Install Carpet?

Modern carpet is very versatile and suitable for most spaces under your roof, but some spaces require careful consideration.

Avoid installing carpet in your kitchen or bathroom, as moisture and spills are far too common. Instead, opt for carpet installation in your bedroom, living room, home office, or hallway.

For higher-traffic spaces like the family room, stairways, or a waiting room, select a denser and stain-resistant type of carpet. If carefully chosen life with your new carpet will be simple, stylish, and easy-breezy.  

Explore Carpet Near You in Hamilton Township, NJ

Rich’s Carpet One Floor & Home is your local flooring store. As part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we offer many advantages over the local Big Box stores. Here, you can shop the best carpet brands at tremendous value, with smarter solutions for all your favorite spaces.

Let our experts guide you through our carpet displays, spanning residential and commercial carpet products for every lifestyle and interior. You’ll love our stain-resistant carpet options that cater to your home’s busiest spots.

Visit our showroom at 825 Route 33 Block Plaza in Hamilton Township, NJ, to discover our latest carpet inventory and let our team help you find the perfect floor for your style and needs. But don’t delay! Contact us today and schedule your free project estimate.

Professional Carpet Installation

When you have your carpet professionally installed, you're reducing your worry and saving time. Trust our professional carpet installers to get it done right, every time.
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Area Rugs & More

The perfect area rug is carpet without the commitment! Whether wall-to-wall or covering a small section of your room, our area rugs can be customized right down to every specification.
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Browse Carpet at Rich's Carpet ONe

Our carpet palette boasts all the trendy colors, patterns, and styles you love, with plenty of options for both home and work. Start browsing our carpet selections: your journey to new flooring begins right here, right now.


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