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Carpet Flooring in Hamilton Township, NJ

There’s nothing quite like carpet. Soft and comforting, today’s carpet comes in thousands of options, making it easy to find a match. We offer a wide range of carpet solutions at Rich’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Hamilton Township, NJ.


We carry sustainable soft surfaces for residential and commercial interiors, making us the region’s most trusted carpet destination. Are you considering new carpet in the coming months? This quick and comprehensive overview will give you something to consider.


Carpet Types

Which carpet is best for your home or business? Not all products look and perform the same. Is your home quiet, or is it a hub of activity? Do you have pets or small children? Are you someone who likes to host family gatherings? All are valid questions to consider as you shop for carpet flooring.


Carpet pile – the fibers weaving your carpet together- determine how your rug will perform day-to-day. These fibers can be synthetic or natural, with nylon, wool, and polyester among the most popular varieties. Each carpet type has its own set of benefits and challenges, so let our experts be your guide as you narrow down your choices.


The world of carpet continues to expand, so needless to say; not all products are built in the same manner. Indeed, the carpet you use in your bedroom isn’t designed for a bustling office or a busy hotel lobby. Commercial-grade carpets are denser in construction and are reinforced to manage heavy wear, stains, and moisture. They're much less likely to show footprints, fade from sun exposure, or collect stains and odors. Commercial carpet products are also easier to maintain since they're designed for easy upkeep.


With stain-resistant carpet, the latest technologies provide reliable weapons in your everyday battles. Each of your carpet’s strands is individually coated to keep stains from sinking in. Simply blot away spills using fresh water and a clean towel: that’s all that’s necessary. There are hundreds of stain-resistant carpeting options, so it’s easy to achieve the looks you love. Stain-resistant carpet is designed to go anywhere.


Carpet Installation

Carpet is best avoided in bathrooms or kitchens, but it can pretty much go anywhere else under your roof if chosen with care, including commercial areas. Pay close attention to your surroundings to get a realistic idea of the products and functions needed for the job. For instance, heavily trafficked areas like hallways and family rooms require denser, stain-resistant varieties of carpet.


Our Carpet Selection

At Rich’s Carpet One Floor & Home, our goal is to find smarter flooring solutions for all your favorite spaces. As part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we carry the leading carpet brands and products. Want to learn more about our carpet collection? Please visit us soon at 825 Route 33 Block Plaza in Hamilton Township, NJ, to check our latest displays.




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Caring for Carpet


Caring for your carpets is important. Regularly cleaning

your carpet not only keeps it clean and looking new,

but it also increases the life cycle of your floor.