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Soft and Durable Carpets

Tigressa at Rich's Carpet One

Rich’s Carpet One proudly offers many Carpet One exclusive brands such as Tigressa. Tigressa is an industry leader that offers functional, durable, and overall impressive carpets. They use innovative fibers that are half the size of a human hair and make the softness of Tigressa carpets incomparable. Not only that, but the fibers are so thin that more can fit into bundles and increase the carpet's durability. The result is a carpet that keeps its shape even after years of wear.

Tigressa’s collections bring benefits for all lifestyles and come in various textures and colors. Due to patented Color Protective Technology, the carpets remain rich in color and stand up to harmful light and foot traffic. Discover what Tigressa has to offer and learn more about their collections: Tigressa Cherish, Tigressa H2O, and Tigressa SoftStyle below.


Meet the Tigressa Family

  1. Tigressa Carpet in living room

    Tigressa Cherish: Supreme comfort and enhanced durability

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  2. Tigressa carpet in dining area

    Tigressa H2O: Enjoy worry-free carpets in the home or office

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  3. Tigressa carpet in living room

    Tigressa SoftStyle: Classic style and soft to the touch

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The National Tigressa Event

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