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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in New Jersey 

What you need to know about refinishing hardwood floors

If you’ve had your hardwood floors for a long time, and it shows, but you’re not ready to buy all new flooring, then hardwood refinishing is an option to look at. Both engineered and solid hardwood can be refinished, but solid can be done multiple times while engineered can only be refinished once or twice. It is also important to note for DIYers that this project includes some heavy equipment, and should be left to professionals.

Types of Hardwood Refinishing

There are two types of ways you can refinish a hardwood floor, by buffing or by sanding and refinishing.

Buffing is simply restoring scratches on the surface of your hardwood floor. Our professionals use a tool with a series of screen grits to return the gloss to your floors. Our flooring professionals can tell if your floors have a previously have been waxed or cleaned with oil soap, so they know to remove it to prevent a blotchy finish most DIYers encounter.

Sanding and Refinishing

Solid hardwood floors allow you to totally restore your damaged flooring, and you even have the opportunity to change the color of your floor. Professionals use a drum sander, which is a heavy piece of equipment and can damage your floors if not used properly. Once your floors are completely sanded the new stain is applied along with a color-matched wood filler. We use water based products that are less harsh on the environment and do not release a chemical odor.

It is a good idea to have your hardwood floors professionally refinished for many reasons. If you do it yourself, you run into the potential of making a mistake you cannot hide. Our flooring professionals have been refinishing hardwood floors for years and use the latest tools and systems to get the job done right. We also control the amount of dust that is produced, so the rest of your home does not get covered.

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